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A clean, remodeled kitchen.

Kitchen Styles & Themes for Remodeling

At CrewPros, our remodeling and renovation professionals are skilled in construction projects for large and small residential jobs. One of our specialties is kitchen remodeling. We understand that renovating your kitchen, which we consider the heart of the home, increases the value of your biggest investment, your home. If you love to cook and entertain, picking kitchen styles you love for your remodel is crucial.  

We can handle everything from replacing countertops, custom cabinets, flooring, interior painting, backsplash installation, and additions such as walk-in pantries. We can even help you find the perfect appliances to match. We are also your one-stop solution for all your home remodeling needs. From the blueprints to the finishing touches, we build out your dreams into reality. Designer kitchens just don’t happen. They are well thought out plans. 

Kitchen Styles 

Your kitchen can be one of your home’s busiest and most lived in rooms. It is important that you have a kitchen you love. Whether you prefer a modern/minimalist, contemporary, classic, or farmhouse, we can help you achieve your ideal kitchen. If you are not sure which style best suits your personality and the flow of your home, here are some details about each style to help you decide which kitchen you might like best. Our designers are full of ideas to assist in designing your perfect kitchen remodeling plan. 

Modern Kitchen Styles

Modern kitchen styles are less cluttered, with clean lines throughout the kitchen. It typically consists of minimalist features, simple hardware, granite countertops, open spaces, and neutral color palettes. Appliances are usually top of the line giving a sleek and streamlined appearance. At CrewPros, we like to maximize space and lighting when we design a modern kitchen. This could mean lofty ceilings, longer countertops, and cleverly designed storage solutions to minimize clutter. 

Country Farmhouse Style Kitchen 

When you think of a country farmhouse-styles, you will likely picture looks from famed interior designers that have popular DIY shows that have become synonymous with “farmhouse style.” For a farmhouse-style kitchen design, the concept is comforting and warm with vintage touches such as reclaimed wood and other materials from the past. You will often see rustic touches and personal character detail in this style. We also like to keep the look high class with decorative elements brimming with details from repurposed farmhouse doors, reclaimed wood beams, and vintage hardware. Open-concept shelving and vibrantly painted cabinetry are also charming for a farmhouse-styled kitchen design. 

Contemporary Kitchen 

Contemporary kitchen styles are like a modern design but with more of a casual vibe. This design has trendy elements that give it an elevated aesthetic. You might find unique backsplashes and colorful cabinetry to evoke a playful and cozy appearance in a contemporary-styled kitchen. Natural wood features such as countertops or shelving can be paired with sleek glossy cabinetry or kitchen islands. A contemporary kitchen is often the most enjoyable to design because you can really get creative with this aesthetic. For example, a home featured on the website uses lovely birch-faced plywood cabinets, royal blue rubber flooring, and stainless-steel appliances to create a family-friendly kitchen.  

The Classic Kitchen 

The concept for a classic kitchen is to give it a design that reflects your personality but will not go out of style. A classic kitchen design incorporates warm, natural materials such as real wood cabinetry and countertops. Classic kitchens feature ornate faucets, range ovens, and Belfast sinks. Usually, the paint scheme is light and airy, and the lighting is bright yet not overwhelming. In a classic kitchen design, you are more likely to see timeless materials throughout, such as polished nickel hardware. 

Kitchen Remodeling Near Me 

Are you ready for a kitchen remodel? Our design team and project managers are standing by and waiting for the opportunity to transform your kitchen into your dream space.

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