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Generac Generators

We provide sales and installation of Generac home generators, and are factory-trained Generac Elite Dealers.

Generator Generator Installation

Powering Up Your Home with a Generac Home Generator

CrewPros Home Remodeling and Home Services offers Generac generator sales, installation, and repair in the greater Memphis, TN area. A Generac generator is the ultimate solution to keeping your home powered up during power outages. The following information about Generac generators will help you understand how they work, cost of a home generator, and why they are an essential investment for any homeowner. As a Generac Elite Dealer, CrewPros has got you covered! 

Understanding Generac Generators 

It is important to understand how whole house generators operate. Generac generators are standby power systems designed to activate automatically when the electricity from the grid goes out. Unlike portable generators that require manual operation, Generac generators offer seamless and uninterrupted power supply. This ensures that your home remains fully functional and operational during outages. 

Generac generators are commonly fueled by propane or natural gas and provide a dependable and uninterrupted energy source. They come equipped with innovative technology, which constantly monitors your home’s power supply and activates it within seconds of detecting an outage. This feature ensures you always have a backup power supply, giving you peace of mind and added convenience. 

Generac home generator in the snow.
Generac generator installation.

Cost of a Home Generator

  • Generator Size: The size of the generator required depends on the size of your home and power needs. Larger homes with high energy demands will need more extensive, powerful generators, resulting in higher upfront and installation costs. 

  • Fuel Type: Generac engines can run on natural gas, propane, or diesel. The choice of fuel can impact the overall cost of running the engine. Natural gas tends to be more affordable and readily available in urban areas, while propane may be preferable in rural settings where access to natural gas lines is limited. Choosing propane as your fuel has additional advantages, including a long shelf life, clean burning, and ease of storage. Therefore, propane is a viable alternative if you do not have access to a natural gas service. 

  • Installation Requirements: When it comes to installing a Generac generator, there are a few factors that can impact on the overall cost. The generator’s location is essential, as it may require additional equipment or labor to ensure it is appropriately set up. Additionally, electrical connections must be made to ensure the generator can function properly. Depending on your location, you may also need to obtain permits or complete site preparations before installation can begin. These factors can all contribute to the complexity of the installation process and influence the overall cost. 

  • Additional Features: Adding optional features such as remote monitoring, automatic transfer switches, and noise reduction systems may increase the cost of a home generator, but they can improve its performance and convenience. 

Standby generator.
Generac home generator in the snow.

Why Invest in a Generac Generator?

Investing in a Generac generator is more than just purchasing a backup power supply system; it is investing in your home and family’s safety, comfort, and security. Here are some additional reasons Generac generators are a wise investment: 

  • Continuous Power Supply: Ensure your home remains operational during blackouts. This is especially beneficial to the millions of people who are now working from home. You can also preserve food, maintain climate control, and power essential devices. 

  • Protect Appliances and Electronics: Prevent damage to sensitive appliances and electronics caused by sudden fluctuations or power surges. 

  • Enhanced Safety: Keep your home well-lit and secure during outages. This will reduce the risk of intrusions or accidents. 

  • Increased Property Value: Consider your Generac generator as an investment in your home since it adds substantial value to your home as it is more attractive to potential buyers and increases its resale value if you ever decide to sell your home. 

CrewPros are your factory-trained Generac generator professionals! We also offer sales and installation to the greater Mid-South area including Memphis and North Mississippi. 

We believe that Generac generators are a reliable and efficient solution to combat power outages and provide uninterrupted electricity when you need it the most. While the cost of purchasing and installing a generator may vary, their benefits far outweigh the initial investment. With Generac generators, you can take control of your home’s power supply and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your family and property are protected, regardless of the circumstances. 

Generac Sales and Installation by CrewPros

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