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Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom renovation is a wonderful way to enhance your home’s look and feel. Whether you are looking for a simple update like a fresh coat of paint and new flooring, or a complete overhaul with full bathroom remodeling, hiring licensed professionals to handle the job is essential. Updating your bathroom can also positively impact your home’s value, especially when you enlist the services of our licensed contractors, who can successfully carry out every aspect of your project.  

luxury bathroom remodel

Why Hire a Professional for Your Bathroom Remodel? 

Expertise and Experience 

Our team has the expertise and experience to manage each aspect of your home remodeling project, from the design and planning stage to its completion. We are well-informed about the requirements of permits, and as licensed service providers, you can be assured that we can get the job done. Additionally, we can offer valuable guidance on materials, layouts, and fixtures that would be best for your space. 

Time and Efficiency 

Our highly coordinated team works cohesively to ensure your project is completed efficiently. Each team member has extensive project management experience, allowing us to keep your project on track and ensure you can start using your bathroom again soon.  


You may initially think hiring a professional would be more expensive, yet hiring professionals can often save you money overall. We can help you avoid costly mistakes and make sure your budget is used wisely. We also have access to wholesale prices on materials and fixtures. 

Project Management 

Coordinating your bathroom remodel in various aspects, such as plumbing, electrical work, tiling, installing floors, and painting, can be challenging. Our team can manage all these elements smoothly, saving you the headache of either coordinating with multiple contractors or trying to do it all yourself.  

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Trends 

Walk-In Showers 

Walk-in showers are an excellent choice if you have limited space. They offer convenience and style to any bathroom. Consider installing a glass shower enclosure to give your remodel a modern look. The clear enclosure will allow the tile design inside the shower to be featured. Furthermore, the entry can make your bathroom feel more open by eliminating the dividing line between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.  

Freestanding Bathtubs 

The trend for bathroom remodels nowadays is centered on freestanding bathtubs, now available in assorted styles and designs to match any aesthetic and can serve as the focal point in your bathroom, creating an oasis or spa like atmosphere. 

Vanities and Sinks 

When it comes to bathroom vanities, there are numerous styles to choose from that can complement any decor. You can select from various cabinetry sizes, finishes, and styles. The sink can also be an integral part of your bathroom design, with options like vessel sinks resting on the counter or freestanding pedestal sinks. In addition to updating the vanity, it is important to consider the lighting around it. Installing new light fixtures can quickly brighten up a dimly lit room while adding a stylish design factor. 

Storage Space 

A double vanity in a small bathroom can look great, but it takes up space that might be better utilized. If you need extra storage space as much as the extra sink, consider using upright cabinets as a linen closet. Alternatively, you can choose a vanity with drawers or open shelving. Over-the-toilet storage can also be a practical and aesthetic way to add space during your renovation. 

New Tile and Flooring 

Replacing floor and wall tile is a fantastic way to highlight your creativity. Luxury vinyl plank tiles are becoming increasingly popular as they offer various design options, including hardwood floor lookalikes. Traditional tiles have also improved, providing more choices such as polished or textured, patterned, or solid, and single or multi-colored tiles. Additionally, we can customize the tile layout to make it unique and visually appealing. For instance, we can install subway tiles vertically or a herringbone pattern to create a distinctive look. 

Why CrewPros for Your Bathroom Remodel? 

The team at CrewPros understands that every person has their unique style and preferences when it comes to remodeling their home or bathroom. We take the time to listen to your vision and then work diligently to make it a reality. Investing in CrewPros for your bathroom renovation is a wise choice because our top priority is your satisfaction. We are dedicated to making your dream bathroom a reality. 

Are You Ready For Bathroom Remodelling?

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