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Every business uses an electrical system and electrical equipment, no matter your industry. Having issues with the electricity during the work day can become a significant issue. Wiring and connections wear out over time, and when lights are out, everything with your business usually stops.

electrical connections

Every commercial building should have their lighting and electrical systems inspected on a regular basis. Electrical systems can malfunction and possibly injure individuals or even, in the worst case, catch fire. Every business needs emergency lighting systems in place, including the emergency exit signs at the point of egress in your building. It is also recommended to put lighting on all sides of your building that have exits. Additionally, OSHA has requirements for lighting that all businesses must follow at risk of being fined.

Emergencies can happen at any point, but CrewPros will ensure that your emergency lighting and exit signs are up to par, including:

  • Fire marshall emergency lights
  • Electrical repairs
  • Smart wiring technology
  • Lighting inspections
  • LED lights
  • Electrical system inspections and pre-wiring
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Outdoor lighting

We won’t waste your time with hypotheticals and “what if’s”. At CrewPros, our highly skilled team of electrical professionals will listen to your problem or concern, and recommend the proper course of action.

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