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Relax with Custom Outdoor Living Spaces

Over the years, outdoor living spaces have undergone significant changes. Homeowners are now choosing to renovate their outdoor living spaces to increase the value of their property rather than settling for a small patio with just a grill and some outdoor furniture. By incorporating unique patio ideas or adding an outdoor kitchen, homeowners can enjoy a vacation-like experience from the comfort of their homes throughout the year. 

We have compiled a list of outdoor living space ideas to help you with your patio remodel. If you find something that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation. We will collaborate with you to transform your dream outdoor living space into a reality. 

Outdoor kitchen
outdoor kitchen
outdoor patio
  • Let CrewPros Assist You in Designing an Outdoor Living Room: Transform your patio into an inviting outdoor living room. Add outdoor couches, throw pillows, and rugs to create a cozy ambiance. Install a wall-mounted TV, outdoor speakers, or even a bar with a kegerator and beverage cooler. This way, you can have fun watching the big game with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Get Cozy with an Outdoor Fireplace: Why let cold weather take away your outdoor fun? Instead, you can cozy up and enjoy the winter breeze with a permanent outdoor fireplace. There’s nothing like gathering around a warm, flickering fire to make your evenings memorable. And the good news is that plenty of stylish and contemporary options are available to add a touch of luxury to your outdoor space. 

  • Enhance the Shade Under a Pergola: If a significant portion of your patio area is exposed to direct sunlight, it may become uncomfortably warm during summer. You can alleviate this issue by installing a traditional pergola with retractable shades. Alternatively, you can add vibrant outdoor curtains to enclose the space. Closing curtains or retracting the shade will provide you with shade whenever needed, and you can retract the curtains in the evening to enjoy a beautiful view of the starry sky. 

  • Add Outdoor Lighting for Ambience: These days you can find numerous options for outdoor lighting. Whether you would like large lamps as a focal feature, classic lanterns, or string lights to infuse your patio with charm, outdoor lighting can enhance the patio design and let you enjoy your patio long into the evening.

  • Let CrewPros Design and Install Components for a Stunning Outdoor Kitchen: Year after year, outdoor kitchens edge closer toward the dealbreaker column of the new homeowner’s checklist. And why not? They offer plenty of perks! If you are planning to have your dream outdoor kitchen built, there are a few things you’ll need to consider. Firstly, do you want an island or an L-shape? Secondly, do you prefer something simple or more luxurious? Thirdly, what is the square footage of your backyard, and will you need to expand? CrewPros is here to help you answer all these questions and manage every aspect of creating your dream outdoor kitchen. 

    When planning an outdoor kitchen, there are numerous options to choose from. To help with your decision-making, we have compiled a list of items to consider including in your outdoor kitchen: 

    • Cooking options include a BBQ island, smoker, gas grill, side power burner, griddles, or a pizza oven. Depending on your space and budget, you can include most of these for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen. However, it is essential to remember that proper ventilation is necessary. 
    • A convenient and organized setup in a kitchen or bar area is to have a countertop or bar with a built-in sink. This design can also feature cabinets underneath for storage and specialized drawers for trash and recycling. 
    • A pantry to also hold additional supplies 
    • Outdoor refrigeration, including the refrigerator, wine coolers, kegerators, beverage coolers, ice bins, ice makers, or a freezer 
    • Added electrical outlets for blenders or other kitchen devices you may use in your outdoor kitchen. 
    • Waterproof dining furniture, lounge chairs, side tables, and bar stools 

    With these features, you will have a stunning outdoor kitchen that will amaze all your guests! 

  • Refresh Your Patio with New Flooring: When it comes to patios, the flooring plays a crucial role. It provides support and enhances the overall look of your outdoor living space. At CrewPros, we can guide you in selecting the best flooring material based on your soil type and take care of the entire installation process. You can choose from a range of popular materials such as wood, stone, brick, outdoor tiles, or concrete, and we can incorporate various designs to make your patio flooring look breathtaking while also being comfortable to walk on. 

  • Connect Your Indoor and Outdoor Space with Glass Doors: Glass doors are the most popular way to connect your indoor and outdoor space. When hosting guests, it is essential that the doors integrate the indoors and outdoors seamlessly. You have various options of doors to enhance your space’s appearance and functionality and complement your architectural design. In 2023, popular choices for patio doors include swinging French patio doors, sliding doors, stacking glass walls, pocket glass walls, and bi-fold glass wall doors. 

Outdoor Living Spaces and Kitchens Near Me 

At CrewPros, we specialize in remodeling patios and designing and installing outdoor kitchens with all the essential features. We understand crafting a stunning outdoor sanctuary offers a peaceful retreat for your loved ones to bask in the great outdoors comfortably all year. So you can rest assured that our team of contractors, landscape designers, plumbers, and electricians will work diligently and cohesively to bring your dream outdoor space to fruition. 

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