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Custom Cabinets

If you are remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home, you already know that the number of decisions that need to be made can become overwhelming. Even if you are not having your kitchen or bathroom completely remodeled but instead simply replacing your current cabinetry for custom cabinets, there are still several decisions to be made, including: 

new custom cabinets
  • Determining a cabinetry style

  • Figuring out if you need a new layout for your cabinets

  • Choosing a detailed design

  • Picking a color, wood, and finish 

  • Deciding if you would like to use paint or stain  

  • Selecting the hardware that will look best in your space

  • Ensuring you have adequate cabinet storage 

The impact of any room in a home is the sum of all its many details. It is essential to figure out what style you want to convey and what is best for layout and functionality. CrewPros has expert designers and makes the kitchen cabinet design process simple. Our project managers and creative designers can help you determine what looks best and ensure your vision is brought to life. Did we mention we have our own cabinet shop where your cabinets are custom made? 

Why Choose Custom Cabinet Designs from CrewPros? 

Opting for custom cabinet designs means you are getting a 100% unique design based on your intended aesthetics and personal functionality needs. Every element of your cabinetry is made to order to fit your space. At CrewPros, we ensure you get precisely what you want and need while also making sure your new cabinetry is installed perfectly. 

Trending Custom Cabinetry Designs 

When you sit down with one of our designers, doing your homework and having some design styles bookmarked is a good idea. You could even cut out pictures from interior design magazines that incorporate your style. Spending time looking over showrooms online will help you decide the aesthetic you find most appealing. Additionally, it will be easier to convey to your designer your intended style. For more inspiration, here are some examples of custom cabinetry design currently trending.

Here are a few styles to look into:

  • Traditional

  • Shaker
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Slab
  • Country
  • Craftsman
  • Glass-Front

There are so many ways to enhance your kitchen with custom cabinet designs. Our professionals will happily help you decide the style you want to achieve, ensure your kitchen has optimal functionality, and guarantee the job is done flawlessly, from design to installation.

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