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Home Remodeling Garage Conversion Ideas

Nashville, TN is booming. It is a wonderful place to live with many things to do. One issue about living in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, or any other suburban areas is that there is high demand for housing low supply. This has resulted in many homeowners choosing to renovate their existing space instead of buying a new home. The tight real estate market also sees many people opting for a smaller home with a nice yard that they can remodel to fit their family’s needs. 

Garage Conversion for Your Home

Today, more people are working from home and spending more time at home than ever before. Families are searching for new ways to repurpose their living spaces for school, work, or even fitness. Along with room addition remodeling and attic conversion remodeling, converting a garage into livable space is extremely popular. This concept works well for homes who have smaller lots and limited space to build out. Converting an existing structure is a frequent practice when it comes to home remodeling in the Nashville area. 

Garage space conversions add square footage to your home. Many people do not even park their cars in the garage and repurposing space is a genius idea for some. Statistics show that many homeowners also use much of the space in their garages for storage, even though they have plenty of room to store items in their attic. (We understand – lugging things up the stairs into the attic is a hassle!) However, would it not be nice to make the most out of this extra space with a garage conversion? 

CrewPros Nashville is the premier residential remodeling company when it comes to remodeling homes. We have compiled a list of garage conversion ideas to help you determine if you would like to expand your living space.  

Garage Conversion Trends and Ideas 

A Home Office

Now that many jobs and classes are online, it is ideal to have a quiet space in your home to focus. Trying to put a desk in a busy living area could hinder how effective and focused you can be while trying to work or take classes from home. Converting your garage into a home office can be a fantastic way to get the privacy you need. 

Children or Teen Playroom

Why not give your little or your grown ones an oasis of their own? Imagine all the toys in one spot in the house. No more stepping on Legos in the middle of the living room! You can also keep an eye on teenagers and give them a fun place to hang out with friends by converting the garage into a game room. It could also be an area for family bonding, and who does not love that? 

Art or Craft Room

If you are an artist or enjoy crafts, you understand the struggle of needing space for supplies. Art and crafts also come with a need to store supplies. Remodeling your garage into an art or craft studio could be just what you need to help get the creative juices flowing while keeping your studio organized. 

Music Room/Recording Studio

So, is it still garage rock if the garage is converted into a music room? We think so! If anyone in the family has a passion for music, a garage converted to a music studio could lead to beautiful music being made! You can also easily soundproof the space, creating a place to record music. So, depending on your level of passion, whether you want an ideal spot for jam sessions or a full-on recording studio, CrewPros can make it happen with a garage conversion. 

She Shed / Man Cave

If you get in a mood where you crave some good old-fashioned alone time or you would like a place to entertain friends away from your loving family, converting your garage into a space dedicated just for you can be the perfect pick me up. Spend time on your interests and hobbies in a more peaceful environment by converting your garage into a man cave or she shed. 

Remodeling with CrewPros Nashville

CrewPros Nashville is a full-service remodeling company that has professionals with decades of experience. Our success is because we provide superior service with the fairest prices. We genuinely care about every customer and ensure that every project or service we provide goes above and beyond our customer’s expectations. We can handle remodeling projects that are big or small, including:  

  • Whole house remodels 
  • Luxury bathroom updates 
  • Exquisite kitchens 
  • Room additions 
  • Building outdoor living areas 
  • Garage and attic conversions 

If you are ready to remodel your home, please contact us at (615) 234-1555. Additionally, you can get in touch at [email protected] to schedule a consultation.