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Upgraded patio space.

Upgrading Backyards Into Gorgeous Outdoor Living Spaces

Are you looking to take your backyard to the next level? Look no further than CrewPros! With our expertise and services, we can transform any backyard into a beautiful and functional outdoor living area So, whether you want to create a space for entertainment or a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, CrewPros has the perfect solution. We build what suits your lifestyle including outdoor kitchens, outdoor living areas with fireplaces or fire pits, and so much more. We design and build functional living areas for football, parties, or family events. Pool houses are also popular backyard living spaces. We bring your dream outdoor living space into reality. 

Outdoor Living Area Ideas 

The outdoor living space is one portion of home design that has boomed over the past 10 years. These were once just spaces to place a patio furniture set and a grill on a small slab on concrete with on a covered patio. Today many people include televisions, fully functional kitchens, and dining areas fit for kings. In addition, many outdoor living spaces have fire pits that are works of art and sometimes even full fireplaces. If you are ready to build or update your outdoor living space here are a few popular ideas. 

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces with a Television: One of the ways outdoor living spaces have evolved is the inclusion of technology right in the backyard. Thanks to the modern convenience of flat screens, hanging a television anywhere is easier than ever. You can have a fully functional man cave right in the backyard. There are several ways to make a television work outdoors, though installing them in enclosed spaces is vital to guard them against the weather. Many spaces are also designed to include retractable solar shades to keep the bugs and pests away. Lounging on comfortable outdoor furniture can be so enjoyable watching your favorite programs or the big game. 
  1. Outdoor Kitchen Spaces: Today outdoor spaces feature entire kitchens. This means there are spaces for small refrigerators, various cooktops, and outdoor sinks. Modern outdoor kitchen appliances also tend to come in stainless steel, making the appliances more resistant to the weather and other wear and tear. A familiar design aesthetic is to put stainless steel in stone or brick. The rustic stone and modern stainless-steel combination create an interesting contrast. The stone also helps anchor the appliances in place and gives them a more rustic look. 
  1. Outdoor Fireplaces or Fire Pits: A classic mainstay of an outdoor living space is the fire pit. Many of us have spent fond evenings relaxing around the fire as the day’s heat dissipates. However, fire pits have adopted an artistic bent over the years, looking more like “fire features” than traditional fire pits. Another development is taking the conventional fireplace inside the home and placing it outside. These usually provide seating areas and a backdrop for TVs. 
  1. Outdoor Dining Spaces: It would not be a complete outdoor living space without bringing the dining room outside, too. Outdoor dining spaces these days are so detailed that they look like they belong indoors — that is, until you look closer and realize that everything is designed to stand up to outdoor elements. Some outdoor living spaces boast long, full tables like those in a dining room. Others make use of bar areas. Still, others resemble kitchen islands. The outdoor dining space is truly customizable, with many options surrounding space and materials. 

Regardless of your lifestyle needs CrewPros can help you design and build your perfect outdoor living area. Call us today for an in-home consultation. 

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