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Did The Memphis Snow & Ice Storm Damage Your Roof?

Wintertime can be a fun time of family bonding when it snows, and you can enjoy sledding or building snowmen together. Unfortunately, winter can also bring heavy snow and ice that brings down electrical lines, tree branches or even causes damage to your roof. If you understand what type of damage can occur to your roof, you will better understand how to prevent the damage from happening in the first place. This can help you save money and time during the winter season. Here are a few things to look out for to keep your home from being damaged in the winter due to roofing issues. 

Make Sure You Do Not Have Water Leaks  

Water leaks on your walls or ceiling usually indicate an issue with your roofing. In the winter tiny leaks can become bigger problems quickly. In the colder months water can freeze, and when this happens, the water will expand. The water expansion can result in the hole increasing the change that water can penetrate the home. If you have a roofing inspection from CrewPros, we can check on missing shingles or potential problems due to storm damage. 

Call in a Roof Damage Professional if You See Icicles or Ice Dams 

Icicles may indicate that your current water diversion system is not working correctly. Also known as ice dams, they are created because of stuck water on your roof thawing and freezing. If the water cannot drain effectively through your gutter system, it will go back onto your roof. This can result in several different issues, including structural problems.  

The best way you can prevent ice dams from forming is by ensuring your gutters and downspouts are cleaned out in the late fall. Then, any excess debris will not clog up your gutters and prevent water flow. 

Check for Leaky Skylights 

Skylights are a fantastic addition to a home. They can increase your property value and bring in additional natural light. Yet, they pose a risk in the winter if snow gathers in piles on them and then excessively melts. This water can start to back up underneath the skylight’s flashing. 

The water that is backed up can leak inside your home and eventually cause your skylight to crack, which can be an expensive fix. Clearing snow packed on your roof consistently can minimize the possibility of your skylight causing damage or being damaged itself. 

Roof Damage and Restoration Specialists Near Me 

At CrewPros Memphis, we are a team with experience in all aspects of roofing repair and replacement. This includes roofing and emergency restoration. Our team has a passion for precision work and excellent customer service. You can rest assured that when one of our roofing specialists arrives at your home, they are skilled technicians with many years of experience. 

To keep your roof from experiencing damage over the winter, we recommend having your roof inspected every fall. However, if you do experience damage, we are here for you. Contact us at (901) 221-4033 for service requests.