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Bathroom Remodeling Advice for a Luxurious Retreat

Do you want your bathroom to be more than just a functional space? Do you want it to be your own personal sanctuary where you can unwind and relax after a long day? CrewPros residential remodeling can help you achieve this dream by creating a luxury bathroom that you love.  

Before we begin a remodeling project, we always conduct an initial consultation with our clients. This is your opportunity to tell us precisely what you want and need. However, if you are unsure where to start, we have compiled a list of ideas that have worked beautifully in other bathrooms we have remodeled. We hope this list will inspire you and help you determine your desired features in your dream bathroom. With CrewPros bathroom remodeling, you can transform your old bathroom into a spa-like haven. 

Choosing the Right Color Palette for a Luxury Bathroom

Choosing the perfect color scheme is the first step in your remodeling project. Soft, earthy shades such as pale blues and tranquil greens can create a soothing atmosphere, while serene creams and tans can bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your space. These colors are often used in spas, as they evoke a warm and inviting feeling. Additionally, cool colors can make your room feel more spacious and attractive, laying the foundation for a spa-like ambiance. 

Increase Your Bathroom’s Square Footage 

Luxury bathrooms do not necessarily have to be huge, but if the current space feels cramped, it might be time to consider expanding. Even gaining a few extra feet can make a significant difference in achieving your desired look. A spacious bathroom is a hallmark of luxury and should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. If adding more floor space is not an option, a well-planned layout can help create the illusion of a larger bathroom. 

Add High-End Plumbing, Water Fixtures, and Luxury Bath Features 

Have you ever thought about having a heated floor in your bathroom? At CrewPros, we believe every feature in your bathroom should make you feel special and pampered. That’s why we encourage our clients to get creative with their plumbing and water fixtures. You can add a programmable shower or rain head fixture, a soaker tub or jacuzzi, a towel warmer, or even a toilet with a bidet or seat-warming function. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to manage any request you may have. 

Consider Custom-Made Features 

Say goodbye to builder-grade cabinets and basic countertops and say hello to the luxurious bathroom of your dreams! A luxury bathroom remodel is all about the custom details. Many luxury bathrooms have custom cabinetry made from natural hardwoods with creative storage space, use only the highest quality stone and tile to create a stunning finish, and select unique and artful textural elements to complement the overall design. 

Think About the Small Touches of Elegance 

When designing a luxurious bathroom, paying attention to the small touches and details is important. These details accumulate and help to create an opulent atmosphere. Consider the metals you want to use for your fixtures and faucets and think about unique drawer pulls that can add a touch of class to the space. The final details and finishes are what really elevate a luxury bathroom. So, have fun with it! Dream-up details that are not only functional but also enjoyable. 

Choose CrewPros for Your Luxury Bathroom Remodel 

At CrewPros, we take extraordinary pride in our commitment to achieving excellence and paying attention to every detail. Our highly skilled team of experts understands that designing a luxurious, spa-like bathroom is not just about aesthetics but also requires functionality and durability. Our team is made up of plumbers, electricians, painters, and contractors who all work together cohesively to ensure that your vision is brought to life. So, do not wait any longer to transform your bathroom. As the saying goes, “You only live once.” Allow us to make your dream bathroom a reality! Please contact us at (615) 234-1555 to schedule your consultation.