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The Difference Between Portable and Generac Standby Generators

Recently on a Sunday night in Memphis, a strong storm with heavy gusts of wind caused damage in the Mid-South. Memphis electricians worked tirelessly throughout the night to restore power. However, as of Monday morning, over 120,000 homes and businesses were still without electricity, and many of these homes and businesses could be without power for days, according to Memphis Light Gas and Water. Those who have generators are fortunate, but the question remains: which type of generator is superior – a standby generator by Generac or a portable generator? Both can handle the essentials, so your decision comes down to price and power. Continue reading to discover some of the primary differences between the two types of generators to help you decide. 

Portable Generators 

A recent analysis by Consumer Reports compared portable and standby generators. The report found that all portable models in their generator ratings operate on gasoline. Additionally, they consume between 12 to 20 gallons per day, depending on the generator’s output and the load it powers. 

While most portable generators run on gasoline, some options can also run on propane, natural gas, or diesel fuel. However, these types of generators make up only a small percentage of the market. There are even models that can run on both gasoline and liquid propane. It is important to note that finding portable cylinders of these alternative fuels may be challenging after a storm. 

In the event of a power outage, portable models must be wheeled out of storage, connected to your home’s circuit-breaker panel, and manually fired up. They also tend to be noisier and produce less power than standby models. Plus, during a power outage, a portable generator cannot handle powering an entire house. If you need to power fans in the summer, ensure your refrigerator stays cool, and keep lights on in certain areas of the home during an outage, a portable generator can help. Yet, depending on your model, it is unlikely it can handle much more. 

Portable Generator Problems & Precautions

During inclement weather, like a rainstorm or power outage, your generator must be protected with a covering specifically designed for your model or a freestanding canopy. 

Lastly, following the safety guidelines in the generator’s informational booklet is crucial to ensure the utmost safety while using a portable generator. For instance, avoid using it indoors and place it at least twenty feet away from your home, with the exhaust facing away from windows, doors, AC units, and other structures. Or you can purchase a portable generator with built-in sensors that automatically shut off if carbon monoxide levels get too high, or you can choose one with an engine that emits less CO. These precautions will help keep you and your surroundings safe. 

Standby Generators 

The biggest pro of generators, including Generac’s standby generator, is that they are worry-free. These stationery or whole-house generators are permanently installed by one of our professionals at CrewPros and have insulated weatherproof housing that keeps them relatively quiet.  

Generac generators have another significant benefit: They automatically turn on during a power outage simultaneously and can provide power to your entire home. 

Plus, you can have a standby generator connected to your natural gas line for an uninterrupted fuel supply. Even if you use a refillable Generac generator with a gas tank, this generator can run non-stop for seven days. 

“Home standby generators are more expensive, but they are the gold standard in backup power, and they outperform all other types of generators in the consumer reports ratings,” says Dave Trezza, who conducts generator testing for Consumer Reports. “If you can afford it, I’d tell you to pick a home with a standby generator every time.” 

The Benefits of Generac Generators

Generac generators are both safe and reliable. They are designed and installed so that the generator easily follows all local codes, including fire, electrical, and construction. The code installation ensures that all risks are minimized, and safety is maximized. Additionally, all electrical connections are correctly linked to the circuit breaker. This allows for an automatic operation that avoids putting stress on other components. 

Lastly, with a Generac generator, you receive complete customer satisfaction. Generac offers coverage options tailored to meet each customer’s needs beyond typical warranties. You can trust that your generator is designed to last, and in the rare event that something goes wrong, it will be quickly repaired. It is no wonder that 99.9% of Generac customers would highly recommend this comapny to others. 

We acknowledge that portable and standby generators come with a significant price difference. Investing in a Generac generator can increase the value of your property and provide a reliable solution for power outages. The peace of mind that comes with an uninterrupted power supply may justify the higher cost overall. 

CrewPros for Your Generac Purchase and Installation 

If you are looking to install a standby generator in your home, contact CrewPros Memphis. We have a team of highly knowledgeable professionals who will ensure that your generator is installed with precision and care. Schedule an in-home consultation today by calling (901) 221-4033.