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Planning the Perfect Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is a fantastic way to update your home. Whether you are remodeling a small guest bathroom, the kid’s bathroom, or your primary bathroom, CrewPros can handle any remodeling job, large or small.  

Why Choose CrewPros for My Bathroom Remodel? 

There are so many new and creative bathroom remodeling ideas, not to mention the many luxurious amenities now offered for the primary bathrooms. There are quite a few steps involved in any remodel. At CrewPros, we can help you every step of the way. Our design team can help you determine the style that fits you best. Our builders and architects can help put together the blueprints and estimate the budget so that we can bring your vision to life. Our plumbing and electrical crew can handle the lighting and plumbing aspects bound to come up during a bathroom remodel. Our designers can assist in creating your ideal bathroom color scheme and design that evokes the mood you hope to achieve. Peace and serenity are a high priority in many luxury bathroom designs. 

One of the reasons we have become so successful is that we have brought together various experts from different professions. We all work hand in hand and have consistent communication to ensure every project we work on is done on time, looks its absolute best, and delights and impresses our clientele. We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied!  

Some Items to Consider Before Starting Your Bathroom Remodel 

Beginning the bathroom remodel process may seem daunting, but we will be with you every step of the way. To help you narrow down your needs and ideas, here are a few questions and considerations before beginning the renovation. 

What is the Purpose of the Bathroom Remodel? 

Do you want to expand your current bathroom and update it to a more luxurious one, or are you looking for a simple upgrade to your existing space? Do you need to make the bathroom more accommodating, or do you need to fix an issue with your bathroom? Once you have the answers to these questions, we can determine the bathroom layout and how much space you will need. This step is crucial as it will help us begin drawing up the blueprints for your remodel. 

What is Your Color Scheme and Style?  

Unbelievably, the color or colors you choose significantly can affect how well a project turns out. If you have beautiful cabinetry, exquisite features, and then a color scheme that does not flow, your remodel could end up looking less than ideal. Take your time choosing a pallette that will flow nicely with the rest of your home. 

What Special Features Do you Desire for Your Bathroom Remodel? 

What is on your wish list? What is missing in your current bathroom that you desire? Luxury soaking tub, a large walk-in shower, specialty lighting, floor-to-ceiling designer tiles, heated floors, skylights, and new cabinetry? There is so much you can do to upgrade your bathroom. Once we know your needs we can get to work. 

Bathroom Remodeling Near Me 

Many people believe they can tackle a bathroom remodel on their own. They may watch a few DIY shows and think they can do it all and save money. Unfortunately, most of the time, a DIY remodel ends up costing the homeowner more, not to mention the time spent. So why not save yourself a headache and let the professionals do it for you? We are happy to help!  

We believe our success is because we are a team of professionals that believe in providing superior craftsmanship and having open and honest relationships with each customer. We are proud to have many loyal customers and would love to add you to that list. 

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