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Light Fixture Installation by CrewPros

Do you feel like it is time to upgrade your home’s light fixtures or brighten up a dim room? New light fixtures can instantly improve the aesthetics of a room. Also, if your room is poorly lit, it can make it appear smaller. You may even have to purchase lamps to increase the light in the room. If you are making a few updates to your home new lighting may be the perfect addition.  

Professional Electricians

CrewPros has a team of expert electricians who can provide light installation services tailored to your preferences. It’s important to hire a professional and skilled electrician for any electrical work, especially when it comes to installing light fixtures. In the United States, it is estimated that there are over 300,000 residential fires every year, with electrical malfunctions accounting for 6.5% of fires. While you can change light bulbs yourself, any electrical wiring involved in the process should be handled by a professional. Since installing light fixtures requires electrical wiring, professional knowledge and expertise are needed to avoid potential hazards. In addition to electrical hazards, there are a few other reasons you should hire a licensed and professional electrician.

Why Hire a Professional  

  • It is important to use the proper hardware when it comes to special light fixtures. If your fixture weighs more than 15 pounds, it requires a special electrical box that a licensed electrician can install. 
  • Before installing a new light fixture, you will need to ensure your ceiling and walls can handle the size and weight. Heavy fixtures can cause a ceiling to collapse, which is not only dangerous but also expensive to repair. Our professional electricians at CrewPros have the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to ensure your fixture can be safely installed in your desired location. 
  • Our electricians also know the proper hanging distance for your light fixture. If you hang your light fixture too low, it can be a hazard, with people hitting their heads on it. While hanging the light fixture too high may not provide the illumination you intended.  
  • Light fixtures must be installed by a professional electrician to keep the warranty valid. Many people do not realize that most light fixture manufacturers state on their warranty that a professional electrician must install the light fixture. If you install the light fixture on your own, it will void the warranty. So, if for some reason, you need to return your light fixture, be sure to keep the receipt stating that you had it installed by a professional electrician.  

Do not take any chances with your safety and the functionality of your new light fixtures. Contact our team today at CrewPros for a reliable and safe installation.