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Nashville Kitchen Remodel Ideas From CrewPros

CrewPros started in Collierville, a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee, and we still have our headquarters there. Due to our success in the Memphis market, we are now proudly serving Davidson and Williamson counties in the Nashville area, including Franklin, Belle Meade, Fairview, Nolensville, and Thompson Station. We are a full-service maintenance and remodeling company that has professionals with decades of experience. 

CrewPros is one of the fastest-growing home renovation, home repair, and replacement companies in the Nashville area, offering whole house remodels and much more. One of the areas we specialize in is kitchen remodels.  

We hope you will enjoy some of our newest and trendiest kitchen design ideas for 2023. When you are ready to remodel, remember you can count on us from blueprints to completion. Let’s start reviewing some of our favorite kitchen remodel ideas for 2023. 

Kitchen Remodel Ideas for 2023 

Sometimes if a client sees the word trending, they think, “uh, oh, this may be out of style in just a few years”. We recommend going with your gut. Usually, your gut will tell you if you will love something longer than a few years. However, we have been in the remodeling business long enough to see trends come and go, so we understand your predicament. You can also opt for a timeless kitchen incorporating a few trends you love.  

Appliances: The trend for 2023 is smart appliances. Examples include smart fridges with internal cameras so you can check your fridge from the grocery store. Or some fridges can be paired with apps to remind you to change your filters. We also see panel-ready appliances as a huge trend in 2023. A panel-ready appliance does not have the typical look of an appliance but rather an extension of cabinetry, almost as if your appliances are hiding. This gives a seamless and streamlined look to your kitchen. 

Cabinets: You really need to love your cabinetry! The cabinetry will typically be the most visible aspect of the room. According to a study by Houzz, 65% of people completely replace their cabinets when remodeling their kitchen. Stained cabinetry continues to rise in popularity, with people looking for warmth in their homes. The honey-colored cabinets are no longer popular but rather white oak, burlwood, natural walnut, or alder. These colors are softer and a fantastic way to bring an earthy feel to any home. At CrewPros, we’re experts in custom cabinetry and can design your custom cabinets from scratch! 

Countertops: Currently, the most popular countertop material for 2023 is natural stone. Both marble and quartz slabs are exceptionally popular, and low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. In addition, you’ll instantly modernize and add elegance with stone countertops. 

Another new trend for countertops is to use different materials in different areas. For instance, you could use a wood butcher block countertop for dining and stone material for prepping your food. 

Backsplash: Once you have determined your countertops and cabinetry, we suggest choosing your backsplash. In 2023 the most popular backsplash trend is to use a slab-style backsplash. This is where the countertop’s material is brought onto the cabinetry wall. If you want to avoid grout lines in your kitchen, this is a perfect choice. The result is a sleek and modern kitchen. However, handmade tiles are also a popular backsplash choice if you prefer more color this year. Anyone looking to bring their unique style to the kitchen should opt for handmade tiles. You can even go a cheaper route and purchase handmade-looking tiles as your backsplash. 

There you have it! CrewPros Nashville kitchen remodel trends of 2023. If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen this year, we would love to help you. We ensure that every customer receives exemplary customer service, and we offer the fairest prices available. Please feel free to schedule a consultation with our Nashville office at (615)-234-1555.