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Helpful Tips to Consider Before a Kitchen Remodel

CrewPros Nashville is your go-to company for all things home remodeling. We specialize in whole-home remodels and smaller-scale projects such as makeover kitchen remodels, attic and garage conversions, or bathroom remodels. We also create beautiful outdoor living areas. Due to our years of experience and knowledge, we have learned that there are many things to consider before you start the kitchen remodel process. In this article, we will share our insight by listing helpful tips to consider when you are preparing for kitchen remodeling. 


One of the first things on your list should be deciding the layout you want to achieve with your kitchen remodel. For many, keeping the same format is in their best interest, while others would like a complete overhaul. If you are itching for a completely new space and layout, try to do some homework. Check out different showrooms by looking at online galleries to see what is trending. Save your favorite pictures or videos to show our designers so they can help bring your vision to life.  


What type of materials would you like to see used in your remodel? Your selections of materials will include countertop selections, backsplash tiles, the wood you want the cabinets made from, and different flooring options. The most popular countertop options today are granite, marble, or quartz. Some people choose to skip the backsplash tile and use the same material from their countertops as their backsplash. We have noticed that this looks not only aesthetically pleasing it is also currently trending in newer kitchens. Specifics on building materials are a critical part of the planning and budgeting phase of your kitchen renovation project.  


Do you want new appliances to be a part of your remodel? If so, be sure to read about the different manufacturers and their pros and cons. Some of the top manufacturers include Jenn-Air, GE Monogram, Viking, Kitchen Aid, Dacor, Thermador, and Wolf. Are you planning for a built-in or counter-depth refrigerator? Built-in models are commonly associated with an upscale kitchen. Other ways to achieve a top-end kitchen are having a gas cooktop or an induction cooktop, double ovens, or a commercial range with dual fuel meaning it also works as a gas cooktop and electric oven. Additionally, a wine cooler, and built-in ice maker, can be added to customize your kitchen.  

Color Scheme 

Do you have a particular color scheme in mind? Your color scheme will typically depict the style of kitchen you would like. If your heart’s desire is a modern kitchen, colors that are more neutral or darker tend to work best. Do you prefer a farmhouse or bohemian-style kitchen? You will want to opt for a more colorful kitchen with a vibrant color palette. If you have a small kitchen, lighter colors make it look larger Additionally, consider having your cabinets painted to refresh the look of your kitchen. 


This is an essential need you should consider. If you do not have adequate storage, it could be a nightmare. You may not realize how much gets stored in a kitchen, so it is a clever idea to account for everything you have and how much storage you will need. Remember that you will also accumulate more things as time goes by. 

Extra Components for a More Upscale Kitchen 

There are a variety of innovative designs that will elevate your kitchen remodel, including the following: 

  • Adding a sink to your island 
  • Having an instant hot water dispenser installed at your sink 
  • Having a microwave drawer in your island to free up countertop space 
  • Unique hardware on cabinets and drawers 
  • A pull-out drawer in a lower cabinet for your trash. Most people find it is most convenient to have this drawer to the right or left of your sink 
  • A pull-out cabinet drawer designed with two-three sections to hold spices  

Contact CrewPros Nashville When You Are Ready for a Kitchen Remodel

At CrewPros, we can get your kitchen remodeling project executed in a timely manner. We have a full team of designers, project managers, electricians, plumbers, and contractors, we work as a team to see that your project is completed flawlessly from start to finish. Additionally, our industry professionals each have a passion for precision work and excellent customer service. If you are considering kitchen remodeling, we would be delighted to help you every step of the way. To schedule your in-home consultation, contact us by phone at (615) 235-1555 or by email at [email protected]