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Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinet Hardware Trends for 2023

Due to a housing shortage and Nashville’s rising population, many people in Nashville are choosing to remodel their homes rather than move. Because of this, there is a boom in the interior design industry. One thing people rarely think of when remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is cabinet hardware. Hardware can drastically change and enhance the look of your cabinetry. Whether you prefer colorful and vibrant, timeless, and classic, or contemporary and sheik, there is cabinet hardware for every design style. Here are some of the trending cabinet hardware pieces for 2023.  

Polished or Brushed Brass: If you plan to paint your cabinets, brass looks fantastic against crisp whites, black, earthy greens and blues, and taupe. This trend makes your kitchen feel warm and inviting, whether brushed or polished. 

Elongated Pulls: The elongated pull cabinet hardware is a hot trend for 2023. These are much longer bars than you imagine. The average elongated pull is at least eight inches long. People love this trend because of its minimalist design. It helps to make even the messiest kitchen look cleaner. 

No Hardware: We get it, this is a blog dedicated to cabinet hardware trends of 2023, but using no hardware on your cabinetry has become one of the most popular trends for 2023. You will need modern cabinets with sleek lines to pull off this trend. To open the cabinets, the doors overlap the cabinets just enough that invisible push latches open the cabinets. For cabinet drawers, artisans have cutout handles as a pull mechanism. 

Matte or Satin Black: Black hardware instantly updates your cabinets. You can opt for pulls, knobs, or even a blend. The satin and matte black are the best choices if you are aiming for a modern look. Otherwise, the hardware could look cut-rate and poorly thought out. 

Colorful Knobs in Unique Shapes: Colorful hexagon shapes in many colors. A pop of color can add a lot to your custom cabinetry.  

  • White 
  • Royal Blue 
  • Light Pink 
  • Snow White 
  • Light Brown (with an orange tint) 
  • Light Blue 
  • Light Purple 
  • Emerald Green  

Picture a mixture of these colorful knobs on painted cabinets, and your kitchen is instantly more vibrant, bright, and unique. Adding colorful rugs and accents to the kitchen will vamp up your style. This will give your kitchen a warm, cozy, inviting feeling when guests arrive. 

Home Remodeling  

It is always a delight for us at CrewPros to share the trends of the year. We love to make kitchen and bathroom dreams come to reality. From start to finish, our team will be there every step of the way to ensure your project is executed flawlessly. Whether you want an attic or garage conversion, or additional rooms added to your home, we can make any of your ideal home remodels a reality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at CrewPros Nashville at 615.234.1555.