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To Remodel or Move in Nashville

In nearly every real estate market in the United States, interest rates have increased if you are looking to buy a home. Many people are asking if they should remodel or move due to the interest rates and the current housing shortage. People are taking equity out of their homes to do the remodeling. This is definitely the case in Nashville as well. With a tight and expensive real estate market, many homeowners in the Nashville area have decided they would rather remodel.

What the Studies Say

According to a new survey conducted by Lending Tree of 1,000 homeowners, seventy-two percent said they want to stay put. They said they would rather make home improvements than sell their house. These home improvement projects are starting soon, too. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said they plan to upgrade or renovate their home this spring or summer. Thirty-four percent were said to also be considering a home makeover. According to the survey, here is a list of the top home improvement projects homeowners found most important: 

  • Painting the interior: 47%  
  • Upgrading exterior landscaping: 30% 
  • Upgrading or renovating bathrooms: 27% 
  • Improving fixtures: 26% 
  • Replacing or repairing flooring: 25% 
  • Painting (exterior): 25% 
  • Upgrading or renovating the kitchen: 22% 
  • Upgrading windows: 17% 
  • Putting in a patio or deck: 16% 
  • Upgrading or remodeling bedrooms: 16% 
  • Adding or renovating fencing: 16% 
  • Installing a new roof: 13% 
  • Upgrading the plumbing: 10% 
  • Putting in a pool or hottub: 8% 
  • Adding on a room: 7% 
  • Other: 6% 

The survey also concluded that one of the main reasons homeowners said they wanted to upgrade their homes were to enjoy them more, while 37% said they wanted to increase their home’s value. Whatever the reason remodeling your home is the current trend. 

If you are in the majority of homeowners planning to renovate your home in any way, who can you trust to get the job done right? Especially for the big jobs, finding the right people is crucial. Ideally, all of these home improvement projects would fall under the DIY umbrella, but some projects require particular permits, and other jobs need specific tools, etc. When you are ready to tackle your home improvement projects, you can trust CrewPros Nashville to get the job done right. At CrewPros, we can handle large and small projects, and we are committed to providing superior service at the fairest prices.  

Remodeling with CrewPros Nashville

We care about our customers and promise to provide excellent customer service for every project or service we provide. When it comes to remodeling, we can handle whatever you desire and more. Our professional team works hand in hand with our designers so that we can properly execute your entire project from blueprints to completion. We do everything from whole house remodeling, creating exquisite outdoor living areas, building room and garage additions, and so much more! So instead of selling your home, enjoy the home you are in, while also increasing its value by calling CrewPros Nashville at (615) 234-1555.