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Kitchen Plumbing & Garbage Disposal Services

Nothing is more off-putting than foul odors or backed up water in the kitchen sink. There are many causes for these two common problems, but most revolve around the garbage disposal located between the kitchen sink drain and the sink trap. This mechanical device, when used, shreds food waste into pieces small enough to easily pass through the homes plumbing system.
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Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

One of the staples of a modern kitchen is the garbage disposal. Located under your sink drain, the disposal stores waste food in a hopper chamber. When you flip a switch to turn on the power, a motor spins, and the flywheel with attached propellers grinds the food waste with a shredder ring. The resulting waste material is flushed into your sewer system from a waste line discharge outlet. Garbage disposals are one of the most helpful devices in your kitchen, especially if you love to cook. It helps to make cleaning up easier while cooking and when rinsing the dishes off after a meal. If you do not have a garbage disposal or you need to replace the one you have, CrewPros can install a new one for you.  

If you need a new garbage disposal system installed, hiring a qualified plumber for the job is important. Incorrect installation can cause damage to your plumbing system, as the disposal must be properly connected to the sink and drainage pipe. 

If you are experiencing issues with your garbage disposal, CrewPros can also help with repairs. Clogged or jammed garbage disposals can quickly become a major plumbing problem. To avoid clogs, make sure not to put items like bones, grease, fats, tough vegetables, and no non-food items into your disposal. It is important to always check that no small pieces of silverware have gone down the drain before turning on the disposal, as this can cause damage to the propellers and even produce smoke and loud noises. At CrewPros, we can repair most garbage disposals, especially if it is just a clog. However, if your disposal has been used for a long time, some components may have worn out, and you might need a replacement. On average, garbage disposals have a lifespan of ten to twelve years. 

Signs It Is Time for a New Garbage Disposal 

Is it time to replace your garbage disposal? Here are some signs that may help you decide: 

  • It makes unusually loud noises when turned on.

  • The reset button needs to be pressed frequently to make it work.

  • The disposal takes longer than usual to grind food.

  • It clogs easily, which may indicate dull blades or the need for a larger disposal.

  • The disposal often leaks.

CrewPros assists with various plumbing issues, including installing or replacing garbage disposals. If you need a new one installed, contact us today, and our plumbing professionals will be happy to help you.

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