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Garage Conversions Provide More Space for Your Family

With a tight real estate market in the Nashville area, some people opt for smaller homes. Many beautiful homes surround Vanderbilt University. Who does not like the feel and architecture of the medical district? Other folks and expanding families may opt for suburban living and desire more traditional and established neighborhoods in Brentwood or Franklin. With the prices in the Nashville area being extremely high, many people are forced to stay in a home they have outgrown. Or, they found a home they love on the market, but it is not big enough. You can find extra heated and cooled space with garage conversions from CrewPros. If you own a home and love everything about it besides its size, it may be time to convert your garage or even attic space into an additional living space. 

Why a Garage Conversion? 

If a study were done to see how many people use their garage for cars, the results could be surprising. It is more than likely that many people admit their 2-car garage might fit one car at best because the rest of the garage is being used as a place to store their excess stuff. Let’s be real, most garages are packed from floor to ceiling with sporting equipment, kid’s toys, Christmas decorations, gardening tools, and who knows what else! At CrewPros, we get it. A few of us are guilty of it too! However, you are missing valuable square footage at your home by using this as storage space. The extra space could be turned into another bedroom, an art studio, a game room, a man cave, or more. 

Garage Conversion Ideas

We understand that homeowners in certain climates are more likely to use their garages for their cars. Some people even have cars they would never dream of parking outside a garage. In these scenarios, if you would still like additional space for your home, CrewPros can work with you to design a room addition or investigate your attic for a conversion opportunity. states converting a garage is often more affordable than adding on a room. Consider the amount of money just for the foundation alone. In Tennessee, since we mostly see mild winter weather (except for the month of February), it often makes more sense to opt for a garage conversion. 

Another scenario brought up on is if you decide to sell your home one day, “buyers do not want to see your stuff jammed into every available inch.” A garage conversion means extra visual space to spread out for the potential home buyer. This leads to a higher property value with more heated and cooled space in your real estate appraisal. 

 At CrewPros, we can convert your garage into whatever style of room your heart desires. We can do it all while increasing the integrity and value of your home. We understand that to reap the rewards of your conversion. The job must be thoughtfully designed and built with quality craftsmanship. We will ensure that we create a space that flows naturally and looks like it is part of the home. If you are interested in converting your garage, call us today to schedule a consultation at 615.234.1555.