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What Sets CrewPros Memphis Apart?

CrewPros Memphis is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, and serves customers all over the mid-south, including Southaven, Olive Branch, and Oxford, Mississippi. Over the past few years, we have grown into one of the largest home services and construction companies in Memphis, and now serve Nashville, Tennessee, notably Williamson and Davidson counties. 

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Did The Memphis Snow & Ice Storm Damage Your Roof?

Wintertime can be a fun time of family bonding when it snows, and you can enjoy sledding or building snowmen together. Unfortunately, winter can also bring heavy snow and ice that brings down electrical lines, tree branches or even causes damage to your roof. If you understand what type of damage can occur to your roof, you will better understand how to prevent the damage from happening in the first place. This can help you save money and time during the winter season. Here are a few things to look out for to keep your home from being damaged in the winter due to roofing issues. 

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Tankless Water Heaters From CrewPros

Thanks to new technology, tankless water heaters are now more attainable than ever. In the recent past, homeowners couldn’t imagine being able to afford a tankless water heater, much less its installation. However, these days with newer, smarter, and more innovative tankless technology being introduced to the market, such as smart recirculation technology, tankless products and their installations have become more affordable for homeowners, especially if they opt for non-condensing units. 

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Commercial Lighting for Your Warehouse or Office

Do you have a warehouse or office space that needs improvement to the lighting system? 

If you lack proper lighting in your business, you could run into safety concerns, trouble with efficiency, and productivity issues. CrewPros can update your building and maintain efficient and safe commercial lighting while also saving you money on electric costs. 

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Are You Ready for a Kitchen Remodel?

If you grew up in the south, chances are you know your way around the kitchen. Southerners living from homes in Collierville to Franklin, TN have family recipes that have been handed down for more than a century. Southern cooking is famous and desired by many, even those who are not from the South. Your kitchen is the heart of the home. Even though remodeling your kitchen could be one of the biggest home improvement projects you could take on, a major kitchen remodel can be life changing. We speak to many homeowners about their kitchens, and these are some of the most common reasons we hear for desiring a kitchen remodel.

  • “Not enough storage or prep space.” 
  • “It will increase the value of the home.” 
  • “We have no lighting or poor lighting.” 
  • “Our kitchen is outdated, with either older cabinetry or appliances that are past their prime.” 
  • “Our kitchen is difficult to clean and keep clean.” 
  • “The kitchen lacks a comfortable flow.” 
  • “It’s ugly.” 
  • “We want an island and more counter space.” 
  • “We need an open concept for our family.” 

The team at CrewPros can help with every aspect of your remodel. From blueprints to the finishing touches, we have it covered. 

Who are CrewPros?

CrewPros began in Memphis, TN, and has since grown into one of the most extensive home services and remodeling companies. We are growing and just recently opened in Nashville, TN, serving both Davidson and Williamson Countries. CrewPros is a group of professionals with years of experience in the construction and home services industry. We are made up of professionals from every area including plumbing, electrical, plumbing, construction, HVAC, and roofing. We are your one-stop shop for renovations and maintenance. Each of our professionals has dedicated themselves to providing our clients with the highest level of service possible.

How will CrewPros handle my kitchen remodel?

Our kitchen designers can take your concept and ideas from blueprints to completion. If you have no idea what you might want our design team can create a concept that works based on your family’s needs. The layout of your kitchen needs to fit your family and lifestyle. Full kitchen renovations include a new sink, custom cabinetry, countertops, appliances, lighting, or flooring. We specialize in partial or full kitchen renovations. We are skilled in construction projects, both small and large. Our team of building professionals has decades of experience in home renovation. Specifically for your kitchen remodel you can count on us to do the following:

  • Flooring options such as tile, hardwood, stone, or luxury vinyl plank 
  • Countertops can include granite, quartz, tile just to name a few 
  • Lighting concepts include recessed lighting, under cabinet and over cabinet options. 
  • Custom cabinetry with a variety of wood and finishes 
  • Replacing the sink(s) 
  • Installing new appliances including built ins  
  • Elegant cabinet hardware  
  • Knocking out walls and building a new updated layout to maximize space and traffic flow 
  • Creating backsplash and tile installation 
  • Interior painting and finish

We create beautiful and functional kitchens to fit your budget and needs. Spending time at home always involves your kitchen. Call us today to schedule a home consultation. Your kitchen remodel is just one call away. 901-221-4033 

Need Water Damage Cleanup? Contact CrewPros! 

One of the biggest nightmares for a homeowner has to be returning home to find standing water throughout their home. Many times, plumbing issues could be the culprit for the flood, including a leaking water heater, clogged sewer lines, or the most common, a broken water pipe. Did you know CrewPros can handle your restoration? We will remove the water, and properly dry out all surfaces that can be saved. We handle the entire process including removing your belongings and salvaging any items possible. Once your home is clean and dry, we begin the rebuilding phase of your restoration process. Our building and construction professionals have decades of experience and can help you get your home back to normal in no time. Time is of the essence when you have flooding in your home, call the CrewPros emergency number the moment you notice the damage at (901) 221-4033 X 113.  

When there’s water damage in your home, here’s what to do first. 

After any home disaster, the safety of your family is the most important. With water damage here are a few things you can do while you’re waiting for our assistance. Never do anything you cannot do safely.  

Turn Off the Water Valve or Call a Qualified Person That Can 

If you do not have a substantial amount of water, try to remove excess by either mopping or soaking it up with towels. If the flooding is caused by a valve or burst pipe, you can stop the water at the source by turning off the main water shutoff valve. The shutoff valve could be adjacent to the water meter or near where the main water line enters the home. You will usually have to pull off a heavy lid that looks like it could be a sewer cover, and then reach down and use a tool to turn the knob into the off position. If you have trouble finding the line, do not worry. Our plumbers know precisely where to look and how to turn it off. However, paying attention is a good idea, so you know how to turn it off in the future.  

Disconnect Your Circuit Breaker  

This is a critical step because it prevents electrocution. However, NEVER wade into standing water with the power on. If the water blocks your path to your breaker box, you can look for the main shutoff on the exterior of your house or wait for our electrical team to show up to the job.  

Salvage What You Can 

If the damage is mainly on the lower level, or small area of the home, count yourself lucky, unless you had vital paperwork in a box or precious possessions in the flooded area. If the water is throughout your home, try lifting salvageable items that you can reach out of the way, without wading through the water. 

Leave all the doors open to air out the home until CrewPros arrives. Once we are there, we will begin the process of removing the water with powerful vacuums and setting up industrial fans to dry out the floors and walls before mold has a chance to grow. Your floors will likely experience the bulk of the damage. At CrewPros, we also have an experienced flooring installation team professionally skilled at removing the damage and laying new flooring, whether tile, hardwood, or carpet. 

At CrewPros, we work diligently to maintain our reputation for being one of the best in customer service and craftsmanship, especially during a disaster. With us, you can count on trust, value, and service whenever we assist you at your home. We will help you through all the aspects of dealing with the restoration process after your home floods. You only need to call the emergency service number listed above, and our team will be here for you every step of the way.


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