Common Questions

Sometimes you might experience a minor issue that you have not encountered before, or you are just looking for some quick insights into a specific system in your home. CrewPros is happy to answer any question that you might have, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any question or concern. Below, we have listed some answers to some common questions. These common FAQ’s are not a substitution for qualified, professional service, nor should they be interpreted as such. We encourage you to call CrewPros before beginning any type of service on your own.

Plumbing Questions

What is the rumbling sound coming from my water heater?

Rumbling sounds coming from your water heater can be an indication that there is a build-up of sediment at the bottom of the tank. When this build-up occurs, water does not circulate properly but instead, begins to boil. When this happens, the water heater is not operating efficiently and steps must be taken to solve the problem. Water from the heater can be drained by attaching a drain hose to the valve at the bottom of the tank.

What kind of maintenance should I perform on my hot water heater?

Water heaters are equipped with pressure relief valves that are designed to open at high pressure to prevent the tank from rupturing. These valves should be checked yearly and replaced if they fail inspection. Additionally, it is a good idea to drain the water from the tank at least once a year to flush out any sediment. Hot water heaters are also equipped with an anode that should be inspected as well. These anodes are designed to prevent the tank from rusting, so it is crucial to ensure that your tanks anode is functioning properly each year.

There are foul odors coming from my garbage disposal…

Foul odors occur when food debris accumulates within the disposal. An easy way to solve this is to place ice-cubes, lemon peels or orange peels in the disposal and run for 30 seconds. Pour a small amount of liquid dish soap into the disposal while it is running and then run cold water into the disposal for about 30 seconds to rinse away the debris.

My kitchen sink drains are draining very slowly.

This is a very common problem and there are many quick and easy steps that you can take to try to resolve them on your own. First, try to use a plunger on the drain. If that fails to fix the problem, you can purchase a liquid drain opener. Thirdly, you can remove the trap and clean out any debris that is trapped inside. If none of these solve your problem, you can try to use a drain auger that can help you locate and clear a blockage. If problems persist, we recommend calling a CrewPros certified plumbing professional.

My pipes are making loud groaning noises.

The water supply system in your home operates under pressure and there is normally a cushion of air in that system. The noises that you are hearing could indicate that this air cushion has been lost. To regain this operating pressure is to turn off the main water supply and then turn on all the faucets in the home. From here, you turn the main water supply line back on and then turn off the faucets again. This should neutralize the groaning noises by re-pressurizing the system.

HVAC System Questions

What does HVAC stand for?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. All three of these functions are interrelated and work together as an integrated system to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

How does an HVAC system work?

The HVAC system pulls indoor air through the intake grills throughout the home. The air is passed into the heating system or the cooling system and then travels through a system of ducts that supply the air handler. Form there, the conditioned air is sent into the home through the many registers inside the home.

How often should I replace the filter?

While there is no “one-size-fits-all” answer, there are some good guidelines to keep in mind. The air that passes into the HVAC system passes through your filter, so depending upon how often you use this system will ultimately dictate how often you will need to change your filter. We recommend that you visually inspect the filter each month. You can easily compare the filter with a clean “spare.” During peak heating and cooling season, these monthly inspections will ensure that your filter can handle the increased usage.

How often should I inspect my HVAC system?

While we rely on our HVAC system year-round, the harsher winter and summer months will likely represent the peak of your HVAC systems usage. For this reason, CrewPros recommends that you inspect your HVAC system before the start of heating and cooling season. By conducting these pre-season inspections, you will be able to guarantee that your system is in good working order. A good side benefit to acting preemptively is that you won’t have to wait for weeks for busy HVAC technician to do emergency repairs in the middle of winter or summer.

When should I replace my A/C system?

The average lifespan of an A/C system is 15 – 20 years. Sometimes a system will begin to slowly fail well before that timeframe, and as such, it may need to be replaced. The most important thing to remember is that not all A/C problems spell the end for your system. We recommend that you have your HVAC system checked prior to heating and cooling season so that an HVAC professional can gauge the serviceability of your system before you begin to develop inconvenient and expensive problems.

Electrical System Questions

What should I do when my lights go out?

While the first inclination may be to contact the power company, utility companies are generally aware of where and when outages occur. In most cases, they are already taking steps to restore power. The first step is to determine if the outage is specific to your home or if it is affecting the whole neighborhood. We suggest that you take a look and see if you are the only home on the block without power, if so, then we urge you to call CrewPros immediately for our 24 hour emergency service. To prepare for such a situation is to always ensure that you have a stock of fresh batteries and flashlights in the home, along with battery operated radios. Candles are not advisable, as they present a danger for fire. While waiting for the return of your electric service, we recommend that you turn off all electrical equipment to prevent a surge when the power is restored. Leaving a single light on will serve to alert you when the power comes back on.

What can I do to save money on my electric bill?

Most of the electricity used in your home is used by the HVAC and water heating systems. A good way to ensure that you are not using more power than you need is to have these systems inspected each year to guarantee that they are operating at peak efficiency. This includes inspecting and cleaning the air ducts in your home to ensure efficiency. Additional steps that you can take are replacing traditional light bulbs with energy efficient models, and by ensuring that all of your electrical devices in the home are rated for energy efficiency. Extremely long hot showers will also cause your bills to rise as the water heater will have to work longer and harder to accommodate the increased usage.

How do I reset a circuit breaker?

Locate the main electrical panel. When you open the panel, you will see rows of switches. The “tripped” circuit will not be in the off or on position, it will actually be somewhere in the “middle”. Some circuit switches have an orange section on them which is only visible when it is tripped. Locate the tripped switch, switch it to the OFF position and then to the ON position. You will encounter resistance when moving the switch and you will hear a loud “click.” If the problem persists on the same circuit, then there may be an excessive load being placed on the circuit. To solve this, begin by unplugging the latest piece of equipment you plugged in prior to the circuit being tripped to isolate the problem. If the problem continues regardless of what is unplugged, contact your CrewPros electrician immediately so that we can inspect the panel and system.

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